Jobs and Jobcentre Plus

Job Centre Plus is an initiative together with to help job seekers get all the resources, advices and help to find the right job. Not all job seekers have access to all the vacancies nationally and internationally nor do they have the adequate resources with which they can find the right job for them. Although finding a job may not be an out of the world daunting challenge, still finding a desirable one and that too quickly can be difficult. Furthermore, when one considers the probabilities of getting their CV selected and then progressing through the interviews successfully, getting the best job becomes quite a challenge.

The entire objective of Job Centre is to get people to look for opportunities that they would otherwise not be aware of and get expert help to go through the entire recruitment process and manage to get the job eventually.

Job Centre Plus has come a long way ever since its inception and since no initiative is perfect from day one, the Centre also had its fair share of shortcomings. Today, Job Centre Plus is one of the most state of the art and well provisioned such initiatives in the world.

With modern offices, staffs that are not just well versed with the recruitment industry but also experts on counseling and giving professional advice to crack the interviews, any job seeker can find all the requisite resources to find the job.

A typical process of using the services of a Job Centre is to call their free phone numberĀ 0845 604 3719 and get an appointment with one of the advisors. The meeting between the job seeker and the advisor is an extensive one that creates a profile for the job seeker, takes down every detail that would be relevant for the job search and makes the job seeker aware of the resources available at the Job Centre.

Following the meeting and registration, job seekers can search the national and international databases of jobs either online or through the automated interactive kiosks that are in the offices of Job Centre Plus. All jobs can be searched through with added focus on the areas of expertise or the desired categories of jobs for a seeker.

Job Centre Plus brings together technology, vacancies from all across the world, expertise in the hiring and consulting industry to job seekers in the UK and provides all essentials to find your desired job quickly.

Unemployment Figures Set To Rise Further In UK


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An array of information is available through the BBC News website and various groups offer help for people who are out of work. Here is a guide to some of that advice and information.

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Looking for a job

jobcentreAbout 2.5 million people in the UK are out of work, according to official figures. But Jobcentre Plus says there are still job vacancies in the UK at any time. People looking for a job can start by searching a database of jobs held by Jobcentre Plus.

In addition there is a separate database of jobs in Northern Ireland. has advice on how to apply for jobs, including filling in an application form or writing a CV – which an adviser at your local Jobcentre Plus office can also help with.

In addition, there are websites for specific parts of the UK. Skills Development Scotland has advice on finding a job, dealing with redundancy and links to Scotland-specific jobs sites. Next Steps, in England has advice including where to look for funding for courses to learn new skills.

Careers Wales has bi-lingual advice on all these things, too, plus help for jobseekers under 19.

People who find themselves unemployed for more than six months may be eligible for further help from the government. But this depends on your circumstances and where in the UK you live. Finally, the charity Credit Action has produced an excellent guide to facing up to redundancy. It advises you not to panic and to take time to assess what kind of work you would like to do.

Claiming benefits

It also suggests using contacts to get work. But it warns against rushing out immediately after you are made redundant – this can be counter-productive if you are in an emotional state. Organisations such as The Samaritans can offer help and advice if the emotional impact of being made redundant gets too much. If you are out of work, you may be entitled to a series of benefits, including Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Child Tax Credit. Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) may be available if you are sick or have a disability. can guide you to which benefits you could be entitled to and how to make a claim. Organisations such Citizens Advice can also help you as to possible entitlements after you have lost your job.

You’ll find separate advice sections on their website for England,Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can also speak to one of their advisors, for free and in confidence, in person at one of their centres.

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