Jamie spoke to Shaun from Jobcentre Plus to ask how the Jobcentre can help you back into work. For more info please visit: http://www.thesite.org/homelawandmoney/money/benefitsandtax/jobseekersallowance

0:21 Get the most out of the Jobcentre advisors
1:02 How can the Jobcentre help me back into work?
1:43 Should I take any job offer or wait for the job I really want?
2:21 Can I refuse a job the Jobcentre suggests I take?
2:57 What happens if I don’t turn up to an appointment?
3:37 Top tips on making the most out of the Jobcentre.

Claim now for Job Seeker’s Allowance via DirectGov: http://bit.ly/ABauwx

For more info on benefits and financial support visit DirectGov: http://bit.ly/aYfckI

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